A Better Way to Pay

ReSound's top technology at an affordable price.

Best Warranty

  • Full warranty coverage for 48 months on all repairs **
  • Full loss and damage coverage
  • Free hearing aid servicing

Flexible Plan

  • 48 low monthly payments
  • No application fees
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Early upgrade and purchase options available

Expert Services

  • Professional care from a licensed professional
  • Free programming, cleaning and adjustments
  • Payments as low as $99 on 48 month term

What is a lease?

A lease is an agreement where you select the hearing aids of your choice, Allegro Credit purchases the hearing aids and you make monthly payments to use and possess the aids for a fixed period of time.

  1. You will receive your hearing aids when you sign the lease, you will make your first payment at the time of delivery.
  2. You will pay Allegro a low, fixed monthly payment in exchange for the right to use the hearing aids for that particular month. Early upgrade opportunities available throughout the lease.
  3. At the end of the lease:
    • (1) Purchase the hearing aids at the residual price
    • (2) Return the hearing aids to us at the end of the lease or,
    • (3) Upgrade to new hearing aids.

Get Started!

  • It’s easy! Tell your Hearing Care Professional you would like to apply for an Allegro Credit leasing plan.
  • The process is simple. Your Hearing Care Professional can submit your application online and get a credit decision in seconds.
  • Complete confidentiality. For your personal information.


Best Technology. Always.

New technology, fully covered by the best warranty in the industry, and top professionals to help you hear what’s important to you.

$184 per month

ReSound LiNX Quattro™ 9

$174 per month

ReSound LiNX 3D™ 9
ReSound ENZO 3D™ 9

$159 per month

ReSound LiNX Quattro™ 7

$149 per month

ReSound LiNX 3D™ 7
ReSound ENZO 3D™ 7

$129 per month

ReSound LiNX 3D™ 5
ReSound ENZO 3D™ 5

$99 per month

ReSound Enya™ 3

Don’t let cost hold you back from better hearing.

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