Smart Bimodal Hearing Solution

Collaboration for Smarter Hearing

Hear your best in both ears.

If you have hearing loss and experience difficulty understanding conversations and other important sounds, even when wearing highpowered hearing aids in each ear, you may need a different hearing solution. It may be time for you to consider a bimodal solution—a cochlear implant on one ear, with a hearing aid on the other.

With a smart bimodal hearing solution from Cochlear and ReSound, you can enjoy the combined benefits of bimodal hearing with the latest direct streaming technology. Connect to the people you love and stream phone calls, video, music and entertainment directly to both ears at the same time, so you can hear your best and never miss a moment.

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Direct streaming to both ears. Clarity, control and confidence

Connect with others on the phone again

With better sound quality and clarity in both ears, phone conversations will feel more effortless and natural—words, sighs and giggles streamed to both ears.


Rediscover the joy of music

With Cochlear’s smart bimodal hearing solution, you can simultaneously stream all the sounds that make your heart sing from a compatible Apple or Android device to both ears. From music to videos to games, enjoy the sounds you love with greater clarity and richness.


Control your hearing at the touch of your iPhone®

Thanks to Made for iPhone technology, there’s now a new way to adjust the settings on both your sound processor and your ReSound compatible hearing aid*. No need for any additional equipment—simply use your compatible Apple device to take control.

* With compatible ReSound hearing aids. Click to view a list of compatible options.

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