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Greetings! Welcome to Our November Newsletter

It has been an ambitious 15th year at MAFH! Throughout the year we’ve kept adding benefits to give you, our valued clients, MORE from us!

We joined Audigy, added discounts, created a notebook of tips and information for our waiting room area, designed a new website, hosted Customer Appreciation Day with more games and prizes for all, and now you can follow us on Instagram!

Well, we are just starting out with Instagram, so hang in there — we’ll improve! We only have one follower thus far, so won’t you please follow us? Just click the button below. Otherwise, feel free to continue reading the rest of our newsletter below that.

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Social Media is a big deal to a small business

Cubes with logos from social media sitesThe above text appears at the bottom of my newsletters, yet I wonder how many people read to the very end, and how many stop when the articles are done???

People who don’t know us can get to know us with your help. I’ve never been one to “toot my own horn”, because I was brought up to be humble. These days that doesn’t work- people might actually listen to the loud voices that make promises and say “trust us” and “we are the best”. People can say anything, true or not.

I actually do believe we offer the best services and products in the area, and I have many reasons to feel this way. People who don’t know us would be well served to hear from you, our clients, who know we are reliable, know we care, etc. If they don’t find us, they will find someone and maybe not have such a good experience.

So if you want to help us and everyone who is looking for the right place to get hearing aids, please consider reviewing us on social media. We want everyone’s experience to be a quality experience. We can’t control what other places say or do, but we know what we say and do.


The Medicare Hearing Act of 2019

An older man plays chess with his wife and she appears to be winningThe Medicare Hearing Aid Act has a long road ahead of it before it becomes law. It still requires a vote by the entire House of Representatives. Then the U.S. Senate will have to consider and pass the same legislation. And finally, the president will have to sign the new law.

However, the Act is already off to a strong start, having passed an important initial milestone with the successful committee vote. And it’s worth keeping in mind that the House Energy and Commerce Committee, established in 1795, just happens to be the oldest continuous standing committee in the House of Representatives. And it also has the broadest jurisdiction of any authorizing committee in Congress. When it speaks up on a bill, the rest of Congress listens.


Coverage Limitations

The Medicare Hearing Act of 2019 includes the following limitations for coverage:

  • Medicare will only pay for one pair of hearing aids every five years
  • Coverage will only be provided to those with severe-to-profound hearing loss
  • Over-the-counter hearing aids are not covered
  • A written order from a doctor or qualified audiologist will be required


The Holidays are Coming!

We want to give you a gift that you can pass on this Christmas! If you’d like to gift someone special a specific dollar amount toward the purchase of hearing aids, you can purchase a gift certificate in any amount at10% off the shown value. For instance: you want to gift someone $500 toward hearing aids. We will print you up a gift certificate in the amount of $500, but you will only pay us $450!

This will not work if the gift recipient has to go through a third party to obtain the hearing aids (hearing aids are purchased from the third party insurance company and fit by us). Don’t worry. If that is the case you will have gotten your friend or family member to visit us and we can give them the dollar amount paid by you ($450 in the above example) to apply to the cost of the hearing aids purchased through their insurance company.


Proud Mom Moment

Our daughter Heidi had worked diligently on her Masters Research Project on Ohio Bobcats. Some of you knew of this and regularly asked about it. In October, 2019, her research was published. It is her second published work. Her first research work was conducted while in Africa as an undergraduate student, researching human perceptions of wildlife in order to better human-animal understanding and interaction.

For anyone interested in reading her most recent paper, here is the link:

Roadkill and Space Use Data



Amanda and I will be visiting Audigy headquarters for a few days in December. We will be out of the office on December 9, 10 and 11th. It is a rare occurrence when we are both out of the office for more than a day at a time, but we need this conference so please be patient with us on those days! Nan and Nancy will be here to answer questions and make sure you are scheduled in a timely manner if need be.

Remember that many hearing aid centers are only staffed a day or so each week, whereas we are here every weekday plus some Saturdays on a regular basis for your convenience! We really do give our all to you!


Sudden Hearing Loss

A woman cupping her ear with her handI chose this more serious topic to conclude November’s newsletter in order to leave you with a very important message. It is of utmost importance to be seen by a physician or audiologist ASAP if you or someone you know suddenly looses hearing in one or both ears. I’ve heard stories from patients who “waited” to see if their hearing would get better on its own because they were too busy working, or waited to get in to see a certain doctor that was recommended to them. Please don’t wait, contact an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) doctor and tell them that you are experiencing a sudden hearing loss and want to be seen ASAP.

If you cannot get in to see an ENT, see your doctor or go to an urgent care or ER. If the hearing loss is turns out to be caused by a viral insult to the inner ear, an attempt to control the inflammation needs to immediate or permanent damage can result. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Take Care, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Most Sincerely,

MaryAnn Bencin, Au.D. - Practice Owner and Doctor of Audiology


MaryAnn Bencin, Audiologist
(440) 210-4885