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Being socially isolated can be difficult for so many people, and can even lead to depression, or worse. We are social creatures, and are not meant to be disengaged from others. We crave social interaction and a sense of intimacy with people.

Thankfully, we do not have to be completely isolated from others even throughout these trying times! We have so many ways to be socially engaged through the use of today’s technology. We can be in a virtual “group” setting at the click of a button on our phones. This stresses the importance of hearing well, and also proves just how important your hearing really is!

Hearing aids have made communicating through these virtual platforms even easier and much more enjoyable than ever before. Most of today’s hearing aids can be “paired” or connected through Bluetooth to most smartphones or tablets. This lets you stream the conversation directly through your hearing aids to your ears. It gives you the benefit of hearing through both ears instead of just one, which drastically improves speech audibility in quiet, and even more so in the presence of background noise. It is better than using speaker phone, because the sound is going through your own hearing devices that are programmed specifically for you giving you a much more clear and distinguishable sound quality.

If you are having difficulty communicating through these different types of social media platforms please ask me about what options your current hearing aids have, or if your hearing aids are over 4 years old, then maybe even what some new hearing aids can do for you!

What’s New at AFH

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It is a bittersweet month for all of us at AFH. This is the last month MaryAnn will be working with us after 16 years of owning her own practice! We are going to miss her dearly, but are thankful for the many years we have had with her, and the many opportunities she has given us!

We will be searching for another audiologist. However, we want to make sure we find the right person to join our team! Therefore, while we search for the right fit, MaryAnn has offered to still be available to fill in for me in the event that I need to miss time at the office. So you can rest assured that there will always be somebody available to help you!

We Are HEAR For You!

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Please know we are open for you and are making every effort possible to keep you and your loved ones safe throughout the COVID pandemic. We are going to great lengths to ensure we are following all of the recommended CDC guidelines, and are doing everything possible to minimize the risk of exposure of COVID to anyone who comes through our doors.

Here are the things we are doing to ensure your safety in our clinic!

  • Masks are mandatory for everyone in our facility.
  • Pre-screening checks before every appointment.
  • When you arrive, call our office to check in. We will let you know when it is safe for you to come in.
  • Hand washing or sanitizing upon entry.
  • Disinfection of all touched surfaces in between every appointment.
  • Curb-side service for routine clean and checks are offered.
  • We will have only one patient in at a time per audiologist.
  • We will continue to monitor the situation and adhere to the CDC recommendations.

Your safety is our biggest concern, and we want you to feel confident that every measure is being taken to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy!

Wishing you a safe and joyful holiday season!

Dr. Amanda

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