Ruby the dog

I wanted to share an experience I had earlier this week. If you did not know, my family recently rescued a puppy this past summer. Her name is Ruby. She is now about 6 months old, and a cute little ball of energy!

She just recently graduated from her first 6-week puppy training class. Her last session was this week, and I did something different that I wish I had done the entire time.

The room that training takes place in is quite large and reverberant. At times the teacher is not facing you, other dogs start barking, and sounds echo throughout the area. It is really a tough listening environment to be in, especially if you have hearing loss!

For the last class I decided to try using my remote microphone accessory. I simply asked the teacher to clip the small microphone to her shirt at the beginning of class, and I connected to the mic by pressing the button on my hearing aid.

Remote microphone

WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! I received SO much more out of the class, and in turn so did my puppy! It was also a lot more enjoyable, because I did not have

to struggle to hear the entire time.

For Ruby’s next round of classes I will definitely be asking the teacher to wear it every… single… time!

And she was more than happy to help me out.

Remote mics are great for classes, in restaurants, and in the car among many other situations.

Ruby in the snow

If there are times where you are struggling to hear a specific person talking, then you should definitely try a remote microphone.

I would love to demo one for you in the office. Just ask me!

Until Next Time!


Dr. Amanda