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A leprechaun hat with a shamrock in the bandI am not one wee bit Irish, but I celebrate with all our Irish friends this month! There is so much glorious history, legend and Irish folklore to share and enjoy. “Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!”

In this issue, we address the coronavirus situation, as we must. Although the topic is not a fun one, I ask that you read until the end, as it is informative and important.

Thank you!

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To Protect Our Community

(and out of an abundance of precaution)
we now ask all clients, staff and visitors
to wash your hands
(in the bathroom on the left as you enter our main door)
before entering our office.
Thank you for your cooperation!
We all must work together to protect one another.


The Good News is that MAFH is a well-clinic!

We do not see sick patients, like doctors do.

Most of our clients cancel if they are sick, and we have always been just fine with that, even last minute cancellations. We have never charged a fee for late cancellations.


Recommended Coronavirus Guidelines

Since coronavirus is now in Ohio. In order to protect ourselves and our clients (some of whom are medically fragile) we ask that everyone please follow these guidelines:

  • Clients who have traveled internationally to China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, or any area known to have existing COVID-19 should schedule/reschedule at least two weeks out and contact their primary care physician (PCP). Per CDC recommendation, patients who have recently traveled to China, Italy, Iran, and/or South Korea should stay home for fourteen days upon their return to the United States.
  • Any client that has had close contact with someone who has a respiratory illness and has traveled to China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, or any area known to have existing COVID-19 in the past fourteen days should schedule/reschedule at least two weeks out and contact their PCP.
  • Any patient that has had close contact with someone with known or suspected COVID-19 should schedule/reschedule at least two weeks out, and follow up with their PCP immediately.
  • Any patient that has been quarantined, will not be seen and will need to reschedule in two weeks.
  • Any patient with fever of flu like symptoms should schedule/reschedule at least weeks out, and contact their PCP for evaluation/monitoring immediately.
  • Please note, there are times when our audiologists may opt to wear a mask and/or gloves as a safety precaution.
  • If you get sick with a fever (100.4 °F/38 °C or higher), cough, or have trouble breathing: seek medical care. Call ahead before you go to a doctor’s office or emergency room, and report your symptoms and any recent travel.



All of us at MAFH are not only following the recommended protocols during this coronavirus pandemic, we are trying to think of additional ways to protect you.

Much to Lila’s dismay, I will not be bringing her in for at least a month, lest her fur lend itself to any cross-contamination via petting. I cannot disinfect her between clients!

My husband and I have cancelled our group activities for the month. Eric cancelled his March trip to Colorado on March 12th to ski with our daughters. We had tickets to see Jesus Christ Superstar on March 18th. I e-mailed Playhouse Square and explained that our clientele consists of many seniors, some with underlying health conditions. They were kind enough to make an exception to their refund policy for us! Our entertainment is not worth putting you at risk.

We are acutely aware of our responsibility to you, our extended family.


Keep living your life, but do be careful out there!

A bunch of shamrocks growing naturally

Wishing you the “Luck of the Irish”!


MaryAnn Bencin, Au.D. - Practice Owner and Doctor of Audiology


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