Three crosses on top of the hill called Calvary or place of the skull during sunrise the day after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Dear Reader,

Happy Resurrection Day to all my fellow Christians! No matter what your faith, this is a glorious time of year and we can all use the hope that Spring brings. I myself am a Christian and wish to celebrate Christ’s Resurrection with all those who do share my beliefs. I trust you understand.


In this Christian spirit, I will begin with Danelle’s Spring Commentary:

Spring Greetings to all!

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, I for one am feeling thankful to MaryAnn’s Family Hearing for my hearing aids and being able to hear all the news and updates concerning the virus.

We in America are so blessed to have news at our fingertips, the best doctors, military and leaders that we should feel protected even during this unnerving time in history. We will get through this and people will get back to normal lives and enjoyment of everything that has been put on hold.

In the light of this pandemic, it is amazing to see all the families including their canine companions out walking young and old. My husband commented to me that he has seen faces he never knew lived among us, which brings smiles.

We must keep in thought and prayer all those inflicted with this virus and their caregivers.

Keep the good faith and Easter Blessings to all!

Chronicles 16:11
Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his presence continually!


Listening to the news these days can be worrisome. I’ve given enough Coronavirus updates throughout March to make my head spin! Perhaps yours too? So for the remainder of this issue, let’s focus on the flowers in the midst of the Coronavirus storm! When all this is over, we will enjoy life fully once again!

A resurrection of life comes to us each and every spring, does it not?



Girl watering flowers in the springtime

Spring has sprung!

Get your gardening on!

On one of the nice warm days we had recently, I moved some outdoor plants from their winter home in our basement (under grow lights) to our small outside greenhouse. The greenhouse is being protected with a clear vinyl covering to keep out the frost. I do believe they were happy to feel some real sunshine!

Those of you who really know me, know I gravitate toward living things, plant or animal. A good way for me to begin my day in a cheery way is with a plant or animal project.

This past weekend I decided to snip some of the numerous baby spider plants I have and root them. I have been bringing them to the office, a few at a time, and handing them out to anyone who wants one. Hoping to spread a little cheer from me to you!


What is Presbycusis?

Presbycusis is the gradual reduction in hearing as we age. It is common in both men and women, and usually affects both ears equally.

Presbycusis typically affects high frequency (high pitch) sounds to a greater degree than low frequency (low pitch) sounds. Low and mid-pitch sounds give us volume, whereas high-pitched sounds add clarity. Oftentimes people will report “I hear, but I don’t understand”. That could be due, at least in part, to them hearing the lows but missing those high-pitch sounds!

Hereditary factors as well as changes in the inner ear blood supply due to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and smoking can contribute to presbycusis.

Presbycusis is treatable with amplification. We see superior outcomes utilizing today’s computerized technology as compared with past technologies. We are indeed fortunate to be living in the present time for so many reasons, hearing aids being only one. We must remember to count our blessings!


Behind-the-Scenes at MAFH

  1. Lila’s TPLO surgery for an ACL tare was a success! She is healing well and bearing some weight on that left hind leg.
  2. Early on in this epidemic conundrum, I mentioned that I was staying home a while because I was not quite up to par. It turned out that I simply had a reaction to a medical procedure. I overreacted, staying home until I was sure of my good health. I would do the same again, because I’d rather err on the side of your safety! I am well, and hope you are too!
  3. I did an online talk hosted by Motivate Lake County earlier this month. Two of the online video attendees were my first office manager (for 12 years) Regina, and her husband Denny. What a lovely surprise it was to see their faces pop up on my computer screen! Regina even won the prize for a “guess how many batteries were in the jar” game. The plan was to deliver the over-sized prize (a Coleman Cooler filled with picnic supplies) to the doorstep of the winner, and luckily we knew just where Regina lived!

    My talk was intended to be a feel-good experience. I spoke mostly about appreciating our seniors for all the wonderful things they’ve accomplished, both individually and as part of the greatest generation I know- and how they continue to inspire me/us with their wisdom, humor, kindness and strength of character. I was happy to say all those things to my dear Regina, who is a source of pure goodness and light to me, and to all who know her.


We Are Here for This Community!

White tulips in a field

Our hours are temporarily restricted and our procedures have been modified for everyone’s protection, but we have not closed our doors!

If you need us, we are here. If you know someone who needs immediate hearing aid assistance, but their provider is unavailable (some facilities are closed) please give them our name and phone number. We will do what we can to help your friends!

Most Sincerely,


MaryAnn Bencin, Au.D. - Practice Owner and Doctor of Audiology


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