MaryAnn Bencin standing next to her secure drop box next to her office's front door

The secure outdoor drop box has been installed!

Now you will be able to drop off any non-working hearing aid at your convenience, using the lock box located outside, next to our entry door. Simply put your non-working hearing aid(s) in a Ziploc bag along with your name and phone number, and drop the bag into the drop box. Upon returning to the office, we will unlock the drop box, process your repair and call you with our findings.

Our curb-side service has been going well! Do not hesitate to make use of it if needed.

Please remember to call ahead to the office if you need curb-side service or to make a necessary appointment.

Stay Well!

Most Sincerely,


MaryAnn Bencin, Au.D. - Practice Owner and Doctor of Audiology


MaryAnn Bencin, Audiologist
(440) 210-4885
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