Autumn change is in the air

Change In The Air

As of Monday, August 17th, 2020, MaryAnn’s Family Hearing will officially become Amanda’s Family Hearing!

Also happening on Monday, August 17th, the following letter is to be mailed via USPS to all of our clients:

“For Everything there is a Season….”

MaryAnn’s Family Hearing has always been transparent when guiding our clients through changes over the years- my chemo schedule in 2013, the fire of 2014, COVID-19, and now, our celebrated transition to AMANDA’S FAMILY HEARING.

Transitions happen, things do change. It is natural progression. Our transition has been well planned, making sure that it will be near-seamless, and everyone’s needs will be provided for. All MAFH and manufacturer warranties will be honored.

Amanda has been with MaryAnn’s Family Hearing for over 8 years now. She has worked diligently, proving herself to be a highly competent, dedicated, extremely caring, and well-liked Audiologist.

The quality care, service, and products you have come to expect at MaryAnn’s Family Hearing will continue here for you with AMANDA’S FAMILY HEARING . She too will strive for excellence. Amanda’s leadership will bring fresh ideas as well, which I am sure you will enjoy.

I will be retiring, but not just yet. We project that I will be working for Amanda through at least the end of this year. I need to stay awhile and say goodbye, and to cross the t’s and dot the i’s. I need to wrap things up in a nice bow and make sure all is good. To conscientiously finish what I started almost 17 years ago.

Think of Amanda as my very best parting gift to you; a present. She is a blessing to me, our staff and especially to her patients. I encourage you to support her efforts as she continues in her life’s mission to serve this community.

In hopes to have some fun and help get AMANDA’S FAMILY HEARING off to a GREAT START, MaryAnn’s Family Hearing is hosting a monthly give-away! How it works: anyone who purchases new hearing aids from AMANDA’S FAMILY HEARING during her first 4 months in business (September through December of 2020) will be entered for a chance to win one of 4 season-themed baskets. One winner will be selected each month. The baskets will be on display in the office waiting area until claimed.
Indeed, “For Everything there is a Season”. I have truly tried to serve you well in my season, and I have every confidence that Amanda will serve you well in hers!

Please tell your family and friends about AMANDA’S FAMILY HEARING (including the basket give-away) and help me get her off to a terrific start serving this wonderful community of ours!

God bless you!

Those of you who have signed up to receive our Constant Contact digital newsletter, are among the first to know of this big change!

Helpful Tips

Woman getting hearing health tips from an audiologist
In this easy access information age we live in, often misinformation thrives. How do you know when to trust the information that you read about “the best” new hearing aid or advertised “trusted” service provider?

Unfortunately, the “best” hearing aid for you is not one that you can possibly decide for yourself. You can determine “cheapest” for yourself, by price comparisons. You can perhaps determine the style of hearing aid you would feel comfortable wearing.

Your audiologist must guide you down the path of discovering the best hearing aid for you. Audiologists have been well trained. We understanding the mechanisms, dynamic properties and complexities of the ear and hearing. We also continue to keep current with technology. We listen, we challenge what we hear, conducting our own research by fitting new promising technologies on our patients and observing the positive or negative results. We learn what is true and what is hype. We also know how a manufacturer backs it’s products, what their quality control is like- all the other important things that make your purchase the best one for you!

Who can you trust to provide the best service and advice? Well, trust is earned. If someone says “trust us”, that’s just a statement which may or may not be true. Anyone can say just about anything. Sure you can believe what you read or hear- SOMETIMES. If you don’t have a good feeling about the first person you consult with about your hearing healthcare needs, move on. Ask people who are happy with their audiologist who they go to. Should you encounter a bad experience, do not give up! I’ve heard stories from clients who sought help elsewhere, only to be disappointed, waiting years to ask for help again. Look until you find your person, your trusted professional. Do not allow one bad apple to ruin the quality of your life.

In general, the cheapest solution, the high pressure sales solution, or the unsubstantiated “we are trusted” solution is rarely the best choice.

I’m pretty much preaching to the choir, since you wisely came to us! But perhaps someone you know could use this advice, so pass it on! Send them this newsletter!

Let’s talk…about communication

Woman using a megaphone to communicate
If you do not know what someone just said, and you say “huh” or “what”, chances are the speaker will repeat what he or she said. Is that really what you want? Probably not!

You might wish they spoke louder
You might wish they looked directly at you
You might wish they used different words
You might wish they didn’t speak so fast

So tell them! If you do not tell them what your need is, the speaker doesn’t know. Chances are the speaker wants to effectively communicate with you, so teach them how!

On a Personal Note

I’m not saying goodbye, because I’m not leaving just yet. I don’t ever want leave you, really. You are all a part of me. This only child found herself a huge family, one that included you!

Some people have asked me what I will do once I finally retire. My short answer is that I will do the other things that make me happy! Some of those other things that make me happy are my family, my pets, gardening, reading and swimming.

I long to spend more time with my children and my husband! Eric has been retired for many years now and I don’t get to do what he is able to. He can show up whenever friends or family need him. I have often sent Eric/dad to do what I wished I myself could do with or for one of our kids.
MaryAnn Bencin Gardening
I will be digging in the dirt with bare hands- either outdoors or indoors, depending on the season. A simple joy is the feel and smell of dirt! And dogs ears, and wet grass, and rain. There are so many simple pleasures.

I will cuddle with my Lila and read lots of books. I will spend more time with our three birds who love attention.

I will swim laps to stay healthy and help with my balance as I grow old.

I will attempt to grow old gracefully. My own parents, and most of you have set the good example for me. Again, and Always, I Thank You!


Most Sincerely,
MaryAnn Bencin & Amanda