Spring Cleaning!

It’s been a long winter, and for some, a long time since you’ve had your hearing aids cleaned andAudiologist Anna cleaning hearing aids checked! With the snow coming to an end (we hope) and warmer weather ahead, it is the perfect time to schedule an appointment. If it has been more than six months since we last serviced your devices, please give our office a call to schedule an appointment.

If it has been more than two years since you have had a hearing test, or if you feel your hearing has changed, please call to schedule a test.

Hope to see you soon!




App Update for iPhone Users with Resound ONE Hearing Aids

REsound ONE lineup of products

ReSound recently released a firmware update with some cool new features! The update will allow patients with Resound ONE model hearing aids to have hands-free phone and FaceTime calls for iPhone® and iPad®* with iOS 15.3 or later. This feature allows you to tap the button on your hearing aid to answer calls without even picking the phone up! You will still hear the conversation through your hearing aids, but now your own voice will also be picked up by the microphones on the hearing aids. So you will not have to speak directly into the phone anymore!

If you currently wear Resound ONE hearing aids, use an apple product with iOS 15.3 or later, and would like the ability for hands-free phone calls, please schedule a short appointment so we can update the firmware in your hearing aids to give you this hands-free option!

Over-the-Counter Devices

Have you noticed there has been an increase in talk about over-the-counter hearing (OTC) devices sinceCertified Jabra Enhance Center certification the president’s executive order that took place last summer? Part of that order was to create FDA approved OTC hearing devices for people with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss for purchase without needing to go through a medical professional. Currently, there are still no FDA approved OTC hearing aids. The FDA is still currently reviewing this option.

Many audiologists including myself have mixed feelings regarding OTC devices. Under best practice, a person should have a comprehensive hearing test and be properly diagnosed before any type of treatment is given. Underlying medical conditions should be ruled out prior to using any self-fit devices. The only way to help people avoid mistreatment is to educate them about the importance of seeing a medical professional when it comes to hearing loss and other related problems.

Most of you reading this are probably our patients and are receiving the care that you should, which is wonderful! However, there are still many who are struggling to hear conversations, but are hesitant to see a medical professional for fear of needing hearing aids. Maybe this sounds like somebody you know? We may have a an option that meets them halfway!

Our practice recently became a Jabra Enhanced Plus (JEP) certified clinic. JEP is a new product developed by Resound and designed for those who are not ready to jump into hearing aids quite yet. As the business owner, I made the decision to offer these devices for a couple reasons.

Currently, in order to purchase a set of these devices from anywhere, a person need to show proof that they have had a diagnostic hearing test. This gives audiologists an opportunity to discuss their results and provide appropriate recommendations. Although the JEP devices are less expensive than conventional hearing aids, nobody wants to spend money on something that won’t work for them.

Jabra Enhance Plus devices are designed for a very specific group of people that include the following:

Jabra Enhance Plus device

  • Experience mild-to-moderate hearing loss
  • Experience normal hearing with challenges in noisy environments
  • Don’t want traditional hearing aids
  • Want hearing enhancement for streaming calls and music
  • Want an earbud form factor
  • Want control to make their own health decisions
  • Are younger than the average hearing aid wearer
  • Have an iPhone with iOS 15.1 or newer

Hearing aids have been and always will be the “gold standard” for those who need amplification, and they will provide the best achievable hearing possible when fit by a hearing care professional.

Jabra Enhance Plus may be an easier first step for someone not ready to take the hearing aid “leap.” In my opinion, this is an opportunity for us to help this underserved population; those who don’t
want hearing aids until later but need help hearing
better today!

We Will Miss You Dr. Anna!

As some of you already know, Dr. Anna Soennecken will be moving, and therefore no longer practicing with us. She was a joy to have at our clinic, and we were fortunate to have her even for a short time. As much as she will be missed by us and her patients, we are extremely excited and happy for her upcoming wedding and wish her well on her new journey!

Amanda's Family Hearing group photo

Please know we are diligently searching for another audiologist to join our team. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience while we search for the right person to join our family!

Here is a letter from Dr. Anna:

Dear Amanda’s Family Hearing Clients,

It has been a wonderful experience to get to know all of you and hear your stories. I am excited to share with you that I will be getting married and moving to the west side of Cleveland. Amanda and her awesome team will still be here to take care of you and I know they will find the right person to continue to assist you on your hearing healthcare journey. I wish you all the best and am grateful to have been a part of this team. I might pop in from time to time and look forward to seeing you again. Take care! -Anna