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I feel sorry for everyone who doesn't come to you for their hearing aids.

Jim C.

Do you know why I drive four hours round trip to bring my mother to see you? It’s because I trust you.

Rosie S.

Thank you so much for the wonderful service.

Ray P.

Dear MaryAnn, It’s been about 5 months since you fitted me with my new ReSound hearing aids. I just wanted to tell you what a dramatic change you and your staff have made in my life. I’m now able to hear a grandchild who always has secrets to whisper to his Papa, attend meetings where I used to miss so much of the conversations, and now see and hear TV and movies like never before.

I didn’t realize how inefficient my prior 9-year-old hearing aids were until you opened the door to hearing once again. Prior to ending up at your facility, I visited an audiology department in a major hospital for testing and three other independent hearing aid providers.

Because of the investment and all the different technologies out there, I wanted to make sure I received the best possible results for my hearing loss. Obviously, I determined that you and your products were the best choice for me. Although I had a mindset for a certain hearing aid manufacturer which you carry, you directed me to the best choice for my condition.

My experience with you, your staff, and facility could not have been better. I had the opportunity to be fitted with unquestionable expertise and state-of-the-art technology in a clean and organized facility with friendly and personable staff. The time you have taken with me for hearing aid adjustments and tweaking with future follow-up is impressive.

No other hearing aid provider I’ve had experience with goes the extra mile like MaryAnn’s. I certainly look forward to continuing my experience with MaryAnn’s and will highly recommend others to you and your first-class people

Chris P.

Over the past years you have fitted me with two pairs of hearing aids, and I have developed a great appreciation for the real care and patience that you have dedicated to ensure that I got exactly the right hearing aids I needed to help me with my work and everyday situations.

John V.

Thanks for all you do to help people find the beauty of the sounds that abound.

Rose F.

Dear Maryann: I just had to send you a short testimonial about the new aids I have. The Enzo aid by ReSound has been nothing short of a miracle for me. I was told by two professionals that I was a good candidate for a cochlear implant.

The improved hearing I receive from the Enzo aids is such that I can hear things again I haven’t heard in years, so I won’t need an implant any time soon. My word recognition improved dramatically, and I know others take these things for granted, but it’s amazing to me to ride in a car and hear the turn signal beep while driving and hear the person sitting next to me without having to turn to them constantly to see their face and read their lips.

There was an instance I heard my husband yell for some assistance while I was downstairs in the kitchen while he was upstairs behind a closed door. It has just made my quality of life so much better. Thank you for all your help with the testing, setting up the programs, and finding the right molds for me for the best fit possible.


I would recommend this office to anyone! Everyone is very friendly and helpful. They really make the experience one you'll never forget.

Sarah M.

I feel so at ease with you.

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